DELE,.. Which test
to choose?

If you want to get a language certificate to prove
your level and have something to showcase on your
CV, an English proficiency test is the best choice

Personal work

Personal work

In addition to good concentration, working alone is a source of pride.

Working together

Working together

It’s important to get organized when you’re considering teamwork.

Choosing the group

Choosing the group

Before committing yourself to a work group, you must choose it carefully!

Studying alone
or in a group?

During revision, some students study on their own, while others prefer to work in groups so as not to become isolated. But what is the most effective method to increase your chances of graduating?

What is a
language stay?

It is a trip abroad with a very specific goal, that of opening up to a new country. These trips can be used simply to discover the world, to perfect one’s language skills, or to get to know a city in which one plans to study or live later.

What is a language stay

How do I go
on a language trip?

There are a great many organizations, with sometimes very similar, sometimes very different offers, and the range of offers on the market makes it possible to go all over the world. The growing success of this type of travel has brought new players to this market, which now numbers in the tens. To book your trip, most of the steps are nowadays done on the internet. They are done on average 6 to 7 months in advance, to make sure you get the program you want, without making any compromises. Some programs are more popular than others, and for countries such as the United States, where space is often very limited, don’t hesitate to get started as soon as possible.

The Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign
Language (DELE)

The DELE is a certificate of language proficiency. It is aimed at all people whose mother tongue is not Spanish and who wish to go to a Spanish-speaking country, whether to study at a university, do an internship or even work. Check GlobalExam for more. The DELE certificate opens the doors to Spain but also to all the South American continent (except Brazil).

The Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign 2
The Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign

Which English test to choose?

TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS,… there are different types of
assessment tests available near you.

American tests

The TOEFL is mainly used by English-speaking universities to assess the English of foreign students in the context of academic exchanges. The TOEIC is mainly used to enhance your English skills in a job search context.

British tests

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an English language test used mainly by students for university entrance purposes abroad and by applicants for immigration to the UK and other Commonwealth countries.

language exam
language exam language exam

Passing your language exam

Mastering a foreign language is more and more in demand, both in academic and professional circles. But there is a difference between speaking a language and having one’s level certified by a recognized institution. All the tests require good preparation.