A good plan for students: buy your second-hand books!

Even with the advent of e-books, paper books are still a popular medium for students. And for good reason, they offer certain advantages that digital models do not. They are available in new or used versions depending on the student's needs and budget. However, the second option is more interesting.

Focus on the benefits of reading

To learn, a student can learn about colours, watch videos or read used student books. Each of these options has its own advantages. According to studies, reading helps to avoid certain brain problems such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease. Like all muscles, the brain needs training and exercise to stay healthy. While games such as puzzles and arrowheads are effective, reading is best. The latter has also already proved its worth in the fight against stress. Seniors are not the only ones who benefit from reading. Students also benefit from this activity. They have the opportunity to improve the way they express themselves and acquire knowledge that can be useful to them, regardless of their field of study. For example, if they are studying a foreign language, reading enables them to optimize their pronunciation through spelling, word semantics and especially phonetics. It is also a perfect solution to improve your general culture.

E-book or printed book: which to choose?

The arguments put forward by those who prefer paper books to e-books are numerous. According to them, users of the printed books do not face battery problems. Also, they do not need to acquire additional knowledge related to the use and retrieval of digital files such as e-pub, PDF... Also note that those who prefer digital books must purchase a right of use. Therefore, it is not possible to lend them out, give them as gifts, resell them or keep them in a library as is the case with paper books. Remember that an e-book can only be read when the student has a device capable of reading the digital file. These include smartphones, computers, tablets and smoothers. The purchase of these devices usually requires a fairly large investment. However, they are generally fragile and their use is not recommended on the beach, in the bath... Indeed, it is easier to see used student books washed away by the sea or soiled by a coffee stain than to see an expensive device damaged by water or other such factors. Finally, looking at electronic devices over the long term before going to sleep can have a negative impact on health.

Do you prefer a new or used book?

When buying a book, a student has the choice between new or used. By choosing the first option, he will have the assurance of having a quality book. The risk of ending up with a book with a torn page is not to be feared. However, this solution requires a fairly large budget that students generally cannot afford. Logically, most of them turn to the second alternative, namely the acquisition of a second-hand book. Those who prioritize the purchase of a used book can save money. The purchase price of a new book is, in fact, equivalent to the cost of several used books. And if you're an environmentalist, this purchase option is perfect for you. In fact, you will contribute to the reduction of deforestation and carbon dioxide emissions caused by the transport of paper and trees. Of course, you have to make sure you buy a good quality book. To do this, preference should be given to reliable second-hand student book sellers.

How to buy used books?

To buy used books, students have at least two options. First, they can go to a physical bookstore that specializes in selling this type of book. This option is interesting because it is very often possible to consult the book before buying it. In other words, you can make sure for yourself that the book is still of excellent quality and that no pages are missing. Be aware, however, that this solution is a bit time-consuming since you have to go to the physical shop. Second, the student can shop online. Indeed, several e-commerces now sell second-hand books for students. To acquire the latter, simply go to the platform that offers the service. Once the book is found, you just have to add it to your cart and pay the amount requested by the site. Finally, all that is left to do is to wait for the delivery, which is done at home or at a meeting point, depending on the conditions proposed on the web page.
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