How do you get around cheaply when you’re a student?

On average, students lose one hour a day due to travel. The selection of the best means of locomotion is therefore essential to optimize the learning capacity of students. Many practical options exist to facilitate student transportation.

Get discounts with available cards

Student transportation could become a problem that prevents the smooth running of the school year. There are many offers available to alleviate student expenses. Using a Youth Card, for example, you can get a 25% discount for different trips. The youth card offered by the SNCF is interesting. It grants up to 50% discount for Intercity and TER trains. It is for students aged 12 to 27. It allows a 30% discount on TGV and Intercity trains after a reservation. An additional 10% discount applies to Prem's tickets. The subscription option also helps you benefit from up to nine trips each month. The student will receive a 50% discount on TGV and Intercity trains for more than nine trips. With the Youth Card, young people aged 12 to 30 will also benefit from discounts on train and bus tickets. This discount is usually valid for one year. For pupils and students aged 16 to 27, it is possible to travel by TGV thanks to this reduction. This offer allows you to travel frequently at a low price.

Help from local authorities is of interest

Several regions and cities offer travel discounts for young people. The various subscriptions offered allow students to reduce their transportation expenses. Sometimes, there is support from local or regional institutions. Each department has its own system of school transport administration. It is therefore useful to consult the town hall or the companies responsible for local transport. For students under the age of 26, the use of an Imagine R Card makes travel in the Paris Region easier. This card is valid for one year. It costs only 342 € with a handling fee of 8 €. To initiate the subscription process, you must request the necessary files online or at RATP stations. The student will choose the package deadline at the beginning of each month, from September to January. For students between 16 and 25 years old, your trip would be free throughout your training. The offer is valid on condition that you commit to a public service for training and integration. This opportunity exists throughout the Paris Region. For subscription conditions, contact the training organization in which the student has enrolled.

Choosing the right means of transport

Several trips are made during the course of a student's studies. The means of transport are numerous, but it remains to choose the most adequate. If the student does not live far from the faculty, walking to the university is still the best way. This reduces the cost of your transportation to zero and provides good health. Walking is one of the physical activities recommended by doctors. Plus, it's an eco-responsible act. At a reasonable distance, it is possible to reach his school by bike. It allows you to get there faster than walking. It also allows for regular physical activity. If the student lives far away from the university, the use of other means of locomotion remains essential. It is possible to use the bus, the metro, the tram, the train... Some institutions cover the students' travel expenses. Carpooling is included in the list of available options. You can make arrangements with your friends or neighbours. Using your own car or scooter will ensure your comfort zone if you can afford it. In any case, please take into account the size of your budget before choosing your means of locomotion. This helps you calculate your expenses and allows you to finish the school year with peace of mind.

Some tips to consider

Financial assistance is currently available to students for transportation. Governmental and non-governmental organizations, local authorities... offer free student transport. Before joining the university, it is necessary to check with those in charge to find out the details of the care. Accrual plans reduce travel costs in general. You should check with the town hall about the eligibility requirements to get a discount or even free transportation. It remains convenient to live close to the university to avoid delays and to save money. Students, who live with their parents, spend much more money on transportation because of the length of the trip. The use of the Weekend Youth Ticket is beneficial for students under 26 years of age. This ticket allows unlimited travel on weekends in pre-selected areas.
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