Too many screens: how to protect your eyes?

In this time of confinement, the eyes are often subjected to severe tests. People are confronted daily with screens: smartphone, tablet, television. In a single day, a worker spends an average of 8 hours straight in front of the computer. When he gets home, he watches the news and his favorite shows. At the end of the evening, he chats with his friends via mobile phone. The eyes are thus constantly exposed, without respite. Eventually, you will see your eyesight gradually deteriorate. Here then are some reflexes to adopt to limit the damage and protect this precious vital function.

Wear filter glasses at the appropriate time.

Manufacturers are aware of the risks of screen exposures and provide special devices. Filter glasses are known to the general public and few people use them. The shades offered vary between yellow and orange. A recent study has shown that blue light emanating from the screen is harmful to health. In addition, it destroys the cells of the retina and leads to an accelerated loss of vision. Irregular wavelengths age nerve cells. Opticians recommend that you wear blue light glasses. These are crucial for professionals who are often exposed to these rays. Children playing with their tablet are not aware of the danger. Thanks to the polarizing filters, they will be much better protected. Blue light is present in many light sources: sunlight, spotlights, bulbs and lamps. According to the experts, the screens would not be dangerous in themselves. On the other hand, prolonged exposure should be avoided. Sight problems can be avoided through responsible and moderate behaviour.

Apply the filter directly to the

Many people feel discomfort when wearing glasses. To protect your eyes from the screens, the alternative option is to put the filter on the devices you use. Most smartphones already have these indispensable functions. Simply open the parameter menu and change the current display to night mode. On the computer, with the Windows 10 version you benefit from this feature. In the rare case that you do not have the correct setting, simply install a software program that offers the same display options. When sailing against a dark background, the eyes rest and the subdued brightness reduces the fatigue caused. When watching a film at nightfall, it is strongly advised not to turn off the lights. In order to lower the intensity of the rays, put a good distance between you and the screen. Even with such provisions, viewing should not be permitted for infants under 3 years of age. At the required age, don't let them play with consoles and mobiles for more than two hours at a time.

Adopt good hygiene and a healthy diet

In front of the screens, prevention is better than cure. The best way to prevent this is to adopt a reasonable lifestyle. In particular, it is advisable to take a few moments to take a break away from TV screens. The environment in which we live is sometimes a source of inconvenience. The eyes need a sufficient supply of moisture. For this, give preference to houseplants in your home. Otherwise, opt for a suitable air conditioning system that effectively humidifies the ambient air. In a workstation, do not point the fan directly at yourself. Tiny dust particles and bacteria land in the eye and make things worse. Always be sure to balance the screen brightness so as not to cause too much glare. To moisturize the eyes, drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day. As for diet, adjust the intake of vitamins A and C. If possible, within a week, always add some carrots to your preparations to protect his eyes from the screens.

Take periodic breaks and try palming.

Visual fatigue is a disorder that many people experience in their lives. Screens play a large part in this. As the day progresses, vision weakens and tingling begins to intensify. Sometimes the disease can go higher and give you terrible migraines. To protect your eyes from screens, take regular 10-minute mini-breaks. During these moments, step away from the screen and take a deep breath of fresh air outside. It will do you the greatest good. The first signs of these eye problems are a drop in concentration. The English term palming refers directly to the palm of the hand. Arrange your hands in a shell and cover the eye completely. The point here is to prevent the rays from penetrating it. Give yourself a long break. Stay in this position for at least 1 minute and you will see the effects for yourself. Often, the eye tends to dry out quickly with fatigue. There is a quick and effective way to get out of it: look at the furthest point and blink continuously.
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