Where and how to take the TOEIC exam?

From now on, learning at least 3 languages, especially English, is essential to find a job. Indeed, English has become a mandatory element for a career and essential in everyday life. This is why it is necessary to take a TOEIC test. This test is essential for the certification of certain diplomas and to exercise the profession of flight attendant or steward. Today, most different international companies even require the future employee to have an advanced level.

What's the TOEIC test?

As its name suggests, the TOEIC or Test Of English for International Communication is an official and internationally recognized English test. This test is used to measure a person's English language skills. He examines his oral expression and written comprehension. Participants are usually employees of companies, students and people looking for a profession. Before taking the TOEIC exam, candidates must first follow a short training session. There are many different types of TOEICs certifying different levels of English. Firstly, the TOEIC Listening & Reading test, which assesses your written and oral comprehension skills in English. This exercise is based on a test in the form of a multiple-choice questionnaire written on paper. Secondly, the Speaking & Writing exam, which consists in knowing your level in verbal and written expression. Thirdly, the Bridge Assessment, which certifies your overall ability to listen and read English. You can perform these various versions whether you are a beginner or have an intermediate level. Currently, the most common form taken is TOEIC Listening & Reading. If you want to pass this exam, follow the online preparation program and mock exams with Global Exam.

How do I take the TOEIC exam?

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to take this exam. There are those who just want to validate their level of professional English. Others who wish to boost their CV to continue their studies. To pass this test, various criteria must be taken into account. In order to optimize your chances of achieving a better score, a TOEIC preparation is recommended, whatever your level of English. This allows you to be ready, whatever the circumstances and the difficulty of the subject. For example, you can deepen your knowledge by searching the internet and use learning platforms. It's the best way to train for free. If you want to have excellent results, you should think about taking private lessons with an English teacher. Or take a language trip if you can afford it. Don't forget to ask about the form of the test to better manage your time. To master this language effectively, read books and watch programs in English. However, registration for the test is online only. Files must be filled in 10 days before the event.

Where to take your TOEIC exam?

To take your TOEIC test, you must go to a test centre. You just need to search for a center that offers testing sessions. You will be able to access a list of available examination centres and choose the one that is appropriate for your needs. Whether you are a student, employee or self-employed, there are two choices. First, you can acquire it internally if your workplace or higher education institution has an ETS authorization. Some schools require their students to do this assessment during their training. This is also the case for a selection at the school entrance. In this case, the examination may be carried out within the institution. The advantage of the latter is that you do not have to pay any fees since the registration is taken care of by the institute. In the case of an employee, the test can take place at the company's premises. As a result, the recruiter will pay for your passage costs. Afterwards, it is also possible for you to do this exercise on a freelance basis. You can register in an ETS centre or a TOEIC training centre.

Why is TOEIC important for your career?

This evaluation of your level has positive effects in a professional context. Indeed, passing this test allows you to stand out and improve your language skills with recruiters. Having a TOEIC score on your CV is therefore a real asset for many jobs. This test simplifies an objective and accurate assessment of your level of professionalism in English. This assessment allows recruiters to evaluate two applicants effectively. Reaching an advanced level on the exam therefore helps you to differentiate yourself from other competitors during recruitment. In general, it is from 850 points that the candidate can hold an important position at an international level. These scores are given according to his or her skills during the examination. The TOEIC is valid for two years and is essential for both novices and bilingual people.
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