How do I get accommodation in a hall of residence?

Generally dedicated to scholarship recipients, housing in a university residence is often the option for some students who wish to reside on campus. Other Fellows may, however, apply for the same benefits. In any case, it is always essential to fill out a few rules regardless of the type of student residence chosen.

All you need to know about the university residence

If you are considering accommodation in a hall of residence, it is essential that you submit your application as soon as possible. This file will obviously be submitted before the start of the next academic year. Nowadays, students will have no trouble deciding which university they will attend. Many websites offer a long list of institutions for students who want to be accommodated at their university. There are also other alternatives for finding accommodation in a university residence. In this case, it is possible to go and fill in your student social file on the CROUS website. Also, it is possible to find your accommodation by real estate agency or private individual. The available places in university residences are mainly allocated to scholarship holders and, of course, the selection of housing beneficiaries is based on the study of a few social criteria. Often, eligibility criteria include the distance between place of study and residence, dependent children and family income. Just like disabled students (blind and motor-impaired), foreign scholarship students may also be entitled to accommodation in a university hall of residence.

Choosing the right type of student accommodation

There are generally two different types of university housing, which are traditional housing and dormitories. The main advantage of traditional residences is that they allow scholarship holders to benefit from a social housing allowance. This type of student residence is characterized by several single rooms and already furnished. They are also well-equipped, including study rooms, toilets, kitchen, etc. To integrate a student residence in an environment that is both student and young, there are conventional housing units that adapt to this profile. There are many types of residences ranging from T1 to T2. T1 dwellings normally consist of a bathroom, a kitchen and a large room, all well separated. Likewise, if the student opts for this type of studio, you will have the possibility of benefiting from personalised support at your residence. For this type of student residence, it is important to make your reservation as early as possible, especially as some of the services seem very attractive, including communal living space, sports halls, etc. The prices of these accommodations sometimes seem very high compared to those of apartments via real estate agencies or private individuals.

Building up your admission file

In order to obtain accommodation in a hall of residence, it is essential to compile a file. It is important to be careful when putting together your file, as a small error can lead to the rejection of your application. Applying for student housing is a two-step process. The first one is used to create a student social file via the internet. To do so, you must fill out a form and tick the box specific to the application for accommodation in a university residence. To find accommodation in a hall of residence, it is necessary to prepare a student social file. This document can be downloaded from the internet, more specifically from the website of the selected academy. At this point, you should provide some supporting documents such as a joint and several guarantee, a student card or a certificate of home insurance. On the other hand, there is a specialized site for those who wish to obtain a private residence. To access it, you need to create an account, register and reserve your place on the accommodation site. A few supporting documents are indeed necessary when preparing the admission file. The student must present the files certifying his guarantor (proof of residence, pay slips, tax notice), a RIB, the identity card and the student card.

Waiting for results

You must wait a few months after you have submitted your housing application to find out the results of your student housing assignments. As a result, an email will be sent to the student, containing the link to confirm the reservation of the studios. It seems indeed judicious to use a valid e-mail address for the realization of your request as well as the consultation of your inbox during this period. These results can also be received via a telephone message followed by an e-mail in case of a positive result. Another period of time is granted for those who have received a negative answer and want to try another chance. In conclusion, there are certain steps that must be followed in order to obtain on-campus housing.
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