What are the housing subsidies for students?

Housing assistance is more targeted at students leaving their family residence for rental accommodation. Thus, its name "housing aid for students" is only intended for young people entering university. But what about the actual conditions, what are they and how do we get them? A few guides will help you learn more and lighten the load during your graduate studies?

What are the housing subsidies for students?

For a student who wants to do a higher course outside his city or region, he can benefit from special help from the CAF, when renting as student accommodation. In such cases, the applicant is entitled to applications for housing allowance to help pay part of the rental costs of his or her accommodation. By pursuing these studies, the student will have less burdens at his or her fingertips. With a defined rate, the CAF provides housing assistance for students according to the subscriber's case. The granting of this aid then depends on the student's situation and the category of accommodation. Either the APL or the personalised housing assistance for an agreed housing. Either the ALS or the social allowance for other types of housing. And the ALF or family housing allowance, for a student with dependent children. He can thus take the category in which he is classified and proceed with the registration.

Prerequisites for receiving housing subsidies

Student housing subsidies also depend on the household's possibilities. Note the resources of the tenant, either as a family or as an individual. This category is equally divided into those who earn scholarships and work and those who are still dependent on their parent. In the first case, the rate will be higher because the resources promise stability of life. But for the second, a flat-rate income floor is applied that takes into account the ceiling on family transfers. In addition, housing aid for students depends on the amount of the rent, the area of the accommodation, the composition of the household apart from the category and the situation of the student. The conditions are quite complex, but a good understanding of your housing type and your situation is all that is needed. Similarly, there is a difference in the case of a student receiving scholarships or not. Because the scholarship lightens the burden more, so the CAF reduces its contribution rate a little.

How to Apply for Student Housing Assistance

With an admission to higher education, the student can usually apply for this type of housing assistance. And only if the student plans to rent accommodation to reside for all his or her academic years, at least eight months a year. Away from parents, rented and with a degree for higher education. The student can thus make a targeted request to the Caisse des Allocations Familiales or Caf. This does not particularly require the age of the applicant or his or her level of education. As long as he has proof of his situation, he benefits from the housing aid for students without constraints. There's exactly one ideal date to launch his application. Not as soon as the student is admitted, neither in the preparatory class nor at the beginning of the course, but when the student decides to move into a rental. The CAF makes this line very clear, in case all the young people admitted to higher education jostle each other for help. Usually, the allocation to aid requires the signed lease agreement in the student's files. In this way, the CAF obtains crucial proof that you are independent with a heavy burden of renting accommodation. At the time of registration, you must bring the lease contract completed and signed by the lessor, your identity, a bank statement and the lessor's contact details. As well as the various basic information to calculate the correct and adequate rate for the student.

Types of situations ineligible for housing assistance

Students with parents who are subject to property wealth tax do not benefit from the advantages of the student housing aid under any circumstances. It is then necessary to respect a few lines to be clean and validate with CAF. In addition, the CAF cancels the aid with a statement of relationship with the owner, either for the student applicant, or for his or her partner or spouse. This contributes as a misplaced profit, and blocks other students in genuine need of help. Exclusions were recorded to make it easier to obtain rental housing. Simply present the requested documents to avoid any confusion. For the family composition, you should hardly lie about the amount of your load. This makes your case even heavier, you just have to be transparent in order to favour the maximum rate.
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