How do I set up a file for a roommate?

It is clear that sharing a room with a friend or colleague, or a student gives a certain advantage. Indeed, if renting an apartment is hard enough, finding a roommate is a real nightmare. But thanks to the generous advice given in this article, you can get down to the business of planning your new life with peace of mind.

Brief overview of roommate

Shared accommodation consists of a common rental or more precisely to share an accommodation. It has been of interest to a number of people in recent years, especially young students. It gives the possibility to rent an apartment and share the cost of the rent with your roommate. But for others, it is also the Eldorado of the student's life, with this feeling of freedom, independence and sharing. The roommate is the dream, the good life in a communal atmosphere, like chatting over a drink after a hard day, going out with friends or other students. In a shared flat, the toilet and bathroom is common, they follow one another. However, before tasting these small pleasures of life what is urgent is to find the apartment that will be your haven of peace. But before you even find a place to live, you need to know everything about the roommate. First of all, a shared apartment (not to be confused with a sub-sharing apartment) is defined as a rental of several tenants in the same dwelling. As roommates, these people must sign a lease, after having put together the roommate file.

The rules for having a roommate

In almost all roommates, all roommates must sign a single lease agreement. Indeed, in order to benefit from housing assistance, the names of all persons bound by the contract must be on the lease. They have the same rights and the same obligation to the lessor, otherwise the person whose name is not mentioned in the lease would have no right or title to the lease. The landlord can also negotiate with each of the roommates. This is a multi-leased roommate. If all the roommates travel often to follow an internship, for example, or to do an assignment, etc., then it's a good idea to make sure that they have a good understanding of what is going on. The landlord in this case can offer them a special lease of one to ten months under the name "mobility lease". Also, a special nine-month student lease may be offered if all roommates are students (this lease is not renewable.). Each roommate is obliged to pay his or her share of the rent as well as the charges mentioned in the contract. All these conditions must be included in the roommate's file.

How do I set up a roommate file?

A roommate file must contain a photocopy of the identity document (the owner has the right to ask the tenant for a photograph of the holder). But a signature is not required. The file must include proof of income and the last three pay slips are required with the company's latest balance sheet. You must also prepare a proof of employment if you are an employee and a photocopy of your identity card if the tenants are students. Do not forget the last tax notice or a result of the simulation. A certificate detailing income is also required (allowance, salary, pension). It is also necessary to include in the file a rental commitment, copy of the identity document, proof of income, proof of income and expense. What can we do once all these pieces are put together? They should be gathered together two or three days before visiting the accommodation. Check carefully that all parts are complete.

Latest recommendations

Show your future owner that you are serious, far-sighted and organized. A complete dossier must be prepared. Make several copies, one for the real estate agency, one for the owner and for all the people involved in the contract. Remember to keep a complete copy of this file. However, before making a visit, it is advisable to make a serious check of the file. Ideally, the dossier should be classified by theme, following a logical order. The documents of each person bound by the contract must be separated. Proof of your current address must be provided, for example a copy of a certificate from your current landlord stating that you pay your rent regularly.Presenting your financial resource: this is an important element in obtaining a lease. To do this, prepare a copy of your employment contract or a traineeship contract, otherwise a certificate of employment. To complete the file of the roommate do not hesitate to find your guarantor for the rental. This person must guarantee that he or she will pay the rent if you default.
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