HSK exam: practical information for each level

The HSK or Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi is an international exam to test a person's level of fluency in Mandarin. To pass it, you have to go through six different levels and go through three sections. This exam requires a great deal of preparation at the mental level in order to accumulate the highest scores on the assessment. If you want to register, then you must know all the rules of the exam as well as the structure of the exam.

The HSK examination in general: practical information

The HSK or Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi is an assessment test at the same rank as the TOEFL in English. This test is designed by the Chinese Ministry of Education as the unit of measurement of the level of the Chinese language internationally. It is composed of six different levels from beginner to the most difficult. If you want to take this exam, you should know that it is divided into two parts: oral part and written part. The written part is divided into 6 levels and the oral part into 3 levels. For writing, you have to go through six different levels from HSK 1 to HSK 6. There are only three levels for oral communication, from beginner through intermediate to advanced. If you complete these different levels, you will receive a certificate of achievement. To register for the HSK exam, you must register on the site that handles this type of exam. Registration for this exam is done online as well as the payment of the registration fee.

How many vocabularies do you need to master for each level?

In order to take and pass the HSK Mandarin exam, you must be proficient in the required Chinese characters. From level 1 to level 6, the number of vocabulary varies according to the degree of difficulty. Thus, as soon as the level rises, the number of vocabulary to be mastered also increases. The required words are then divided by level as follows: for level 1, you must master 150 vocabularies and for level 2, you must master 300. As the time allowed for the level 1 and level 2 exams does not exceed one hour, there are not many vocabularies to be learned. For the other four levels, the number of Chinese characters to be memorized is between 600 words and 5000 words. So you need to be well prepared to leave nothing to chance and pass the HSK test. You also need to practice and be ready for the day. Lack of vocabulary could lower your grade and you will not achieve the required marks. Since you must accumulate points to pass the test, you must be proficient in these vocabularies to pass both the oral and written tests.

What are the benefits of taking an HSK exam?

The advantages of taking an HSK exam are numerous. Indeed, as Mandarin has become an international reference language, many people take the test every year for different reasons. First of all, the certificate issued is very useful for students who want to study in China and continue in a Chinese university. It is also a reference for students to attest their competence in the Chinese language. Indeed, mastery of this language is a great asset that could help in the job search and could set you apart from others. Your professional career will take off in a big step if you want to join international companies. As China is one of the leading economic partners of European countries, companies are looking for people with Chinese language skills. If you are in possession of an HSK certificate, you are a gem that every company is looking for.

How do I prepare for the HSK test?

To take the HSK test and pass, you need to be well prepared. For this, you need to train hard and efficiently in order to get the necessary points. Indeed, for levels 1 and 2, you must accumulate at least 120 points to pass them. For the other four levels, you must total 180 points to validate it. So you need to be well organized to get it right the first time, but also to be able to manage your time well. It is then mandatory to follow Chinese courses corresponding to each level. Taking classes will help you to memorize the necessary Chinese characters and to pass the oral evaluation. This preparation must last at least a few months to assimilate everything. Since an HSK exam is only taken twice a year, this opportunity should not be missed. You can also prepare yourself by taking online courses if you don't have time for face-to-face classes. There are sites that offer corrected exercises and will give you mock exams under real conditions on the day.
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